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At the outset, let me extend my warm greetings and wishes for a HEALTHY, HAPPY & PROSPEROUS New Year 2017 to one and all.

“Moving ceaselessly with unerring precision, our blue planet Earth is beginning a new revolution around the sun.” – said Dr. Daisaku Ikeda., a Japanese educator and philosopher.

Change is occurring at an ever-accelerating pace not only in India but across the globe.

It is with great humility, respect and excitement that I embark on yet another new year as Managing Director of Assam Gas Company Limited with you all together as the ONE TEAM.

Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Innovation - these and other words define the company. With almost 30 years in the company, I see Assam Gas as an integral part of me and myself as a part of Assam Gas.

Excitement, as I see great opportunities ahead of us. While we build upon our legacy of the trust of our consumers and the strengths of the company, we have to overcome our weaknesses, remove the threats and exploit the opportunities. It won’t be easy, and will require hard work and some strong decisions about how to prioritize our efforts, but I am confident that we have a vibrant future together.

2017 is the start of another journey and it is my dream for all the employees and stakeholders to make a new beginning keeping in mind what we learnt from our past experiences. Last year I was talking about visualizing Assam Gas as leader in the Energy business in the North- East India and playing a key-role in economic activities with the Asian Countries. Through sheer hard work and sincerity of its employees - past and present, and the far-sightedness of our leaders, we still remain the foremost amongst the public sector undertakings in Assam. However that is not enough. Aligning my thoughts to this Change we must set our sights solely on the future, and spend no time on trying to re-create what once was. We need to understand that efficiency is a key enabler of growth, as the more efficient we become, the more we can dedicate in building new businesses and expanding existing ones. Our focal point should be about how to create the conditions for every fraction of our company to succeed and maximize shareholder value. To usher in greater operational efficiency, we have to reinvent many systems and processes and make use of all available technology.

Where we go from here…
I see six priority areas.

The first priority area is to modernize and upgrade the Infrastructure to make it compliant to T4S Regulations of PNGRB and other regulatory requirements and implementation of Integrity Management System for Pipeline Assets.

The second priority area is to expand the gas pipeline network by seeking out additional sources of gas from small and isolated gas fields of Assam.

Thirdly, implement Systems and processes for real time monitoring and control of gas transportation and distribution.

Fourthly, setting up of CNG outlets in various towns in the company’s operational area starting with the first CNG station at Dibrugarh and I am sure the first CNG station will definitely see the light of the day this year.

Fifthly, improving the revenue collection of the company by providing the best possible payment options to over thirty thousand domestic and commercial consumers and moving towards cashless transactions to the maximum extent possible in line with the vision of our honourable Prime Minister.

Finally, further expansion and deepening the penetration of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) network in towns.

Hydrocarbon Vision 2030

Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. of India released the vision document “Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for North-East India” in which a roadmap for implementation of various projects i.e. upstream, midstream & downstream in Hydrocarbon Industry in North East India has been listed. In the midstream sector there are proposals for connecting entire North East India to the National Gas Grid by laying underground pipelines from Barauni to Guwahati, Agartala to Guwahati via Silchar and Shillong in phases

One of the proposals is for laying a pipeline from Numaligarh to Guwahati by extending the existing pipeline of DNPL for connecting the same to the National Gas Grid.

The subcommittee for “Gas Pipeline and related issues - Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for North-East India” decided to entrust the responsibility of laying the pipeline from Numaligarh to Guwahati to DNPL, a subsidiary of AGCL, including demand identification, Recci Survey, preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR), etc.

Both the companies are represented in the implementation committees for the Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for North East India by very senior officers and we hope to see a lot of activities in this area in the days to come.

Setting the right ambition…

As we set off on the next leg of this journey together, we need to have the dream and ambition to become a truly great company. Great companies are innovative, but the best of them combine innovation with superior execution. They do what they say they are going to do, and deliver superior results for their stakeholders. They find new ways to delight their customers. They have passionate and committed employees who continue to learn and grow. They do good, not because they must, but because it is the only right thing.

We need to come together to make this dream a reality. I hope you are as excited as I am about this extraordinary opportunity.

Once again I wish all of you and your families a great year ahead.


Sri Aditya Kumar Sharma
Managing Director

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