The company is attaining a steady turnover growth in the last couple of years. The company is achieving more than 100% turnover growth during last three financial years. The turnover growth is primarily due to increase of gas supply to high valued customers and its effort for continuous improvement and productivity culture. The business of the company is anticipated to increase in the years to come to meet the growing demand in the new areas.

Similarly there has been increasing trend in PBT and PAT. The company is consistently paying dividend to Govt. of Assam

Annual Report




Subsidiary Company DNPL

Subsidiary Company DNPL


  • 9 nos of Gas Booster compressor at Duliajan.
  • 1 no of Gas Boosters Station at Uriamghat under BOO contract.
  • Extensive network of Steel pipelines (Assorted Dia.).
  • Extensive network of PE pipelines (Assorted Dia.).
  • Gas Receiving & Delivery Terminals.
  • In house Repair & Maintenance of sophisticated equipment.


  • Focus on customer satisfaction and achievement of highest customer satisfaction level.
  • Maintaining a steady growth rate and profitability
  • Compliance of all statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining financial discipline and good corporate ethics
  • Uphold a good industrial relation
  • Top priority for Health, Safety and Environment
  • Security of men and materials


  • 24 X 7 Uninterrupted gas supply to all its consumers.
  • Achieving high customer satisfaction level.
  • Regular payment of dividend to Govt. of Assam.
  • Maintaining excellent public relations.
  • Maintaining harmonious relationship with workers.
  • Compliance of all statutory & regulatory requirements.
  • High standard of safety and security.